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The fact that you’re visiting this page tells us that you believe advocacy is a requirement for your marketing strategy. You know that 84% of B2B buyers start the purchasing process with a referral. You also know that getting referrals in a genuine way and at scale can be challenging. That’s why you’ve chosen Influitive as the underlying technology to springboard engaging customers, employees and partners to advocate for your brand.

At Relationship One, we also believe that Influitive is the best platform to spark an advocacy movement for B2B organizations. See, we already have something in common!

Maximize Your Advocacy Marketing Strategy

Relationship One’s advocacy consultants have a tremendous pedigree in helping organizations reach maximum ROI on their advocacy programs using Influitive.

Transformative Services

From strategy to the day-to-day execution, our mission is your success. We can serve in a capacity that makes sense for your organization.

Working Together For Your Success

“Relationship One has been a fantastic partner for Influitive! Our customers use strategic consultancies like Relationship One to drive change in their organizations, discover use cases and execute advocacy programs that deliver ROI.”

Chris Newton | Vice President Sales and Business Development

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