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Oracle Marketing Cloud

It’s a common misconception (or maybe just wishful thinking) that marketing technology will ‘auto-magically’ make your organization successful. For most organizations, implementing a new technology platform requires everything from business transformation and change management – to implementation and integration support – to ongoing system governance and production services. That’s why we’re here. Our experienced team guides you along each step of the way to ensure you’re successfully meeting your marketing and revenue goals.

Relationship One’s consultants exclusively work with the Oracle Marketing Cloud. This focus translates to a unique and deep pool of knowledge around the capabilities and best practices for every solution in the stack. Whether you’re looking to become an independent power user, or you prefer for our experts to manage your platform for you, or perhaps somewhere in between, we meet you where you’re at.


Eloqua Best Practice Consulting

Eloqua is robust; there is so much to learn and use. From campaign automation to integration to app installation, are you using the platform to its fullest extent? Our certified consultants can review your instance and make recommendations on how to strengthen your campaigns, improve reporting and get the most out of Eloqua.


Responsys Implementation Services

You've decided on an enterprise level B2C marketing platform. You need someone who has the experience necessary to implement Responsys correctly. To get it right, you need an organization that understands your data, how your customers buy, and how to deliver the right message at the right time. We offer a number of implementation packages to meet your specific needs.


Eloqua Implementation Services

You have marketing programs to execute and the sales team is waiting on your results! Marketing automation can relieve the pressure, but you don't have time to figure it all out. Rely on us to get Eloqua up running for you faster than any other partner. We offer a number of implementation packages designed to meet that needs of businesses of all sizes and requirements.


Eloqua Data Management

Data, Data, Data! It's the foundation for everything modern marketers do. You need to make sure your data is clean, complete, normalized, and correctly mapped between systems. Whether it's a database health check, full data audit, data architecting workshop, or implementing tools to make sure your data stays healthy, we can help.


Maxymiser Reporting Support

Every marketer we knows wishes they had more time to dive into their data to inform their decisions. Our performance analysts can quickly alleviate that pressure with campaign recaps and insightful trends using Maxymiser's native reporting tool and other analytics resource so that you can focus on creating campaigns to drive conversion rates.


Maxymiser Training

Augmenting your team with new players? Need a team member to learn the skills of a good tester or analyst quickly? We can help. A virtual or in-person session or two with one of our training consultants will have your users being able to run a quality campaign with confidence.


Maxymiser Best Practice Consulting

You have this awesome, robust testing tool and you are biting at the bit to run a campaign but perhaps you’re not 100% confident of where to start or what makes a good test. We will help you to define appropriate tests, design and QA your campaigns, and assess the results so that you can make informed decisions about changes to implement across your web properties.


Maxymiser Implementation Services

Deploy Maxymiser with ease within your organization. With our implementation team, you can be up and running simple to highly sophisticated multi-variant tests within a couple days, using Maxymiser to make immediate improvements your online experience.


DMP Reporting Support

You've executed your campaign, but are they working? Do you know which prospects are converting and which might need some additional love? We will help you to measure your revenue impact, understand what's working and want isn't, build models to help guide your success, and socialize your efforts within your organization.


DMP Best Practice Consulting

We get it. It can be challenging to figure out how to leverage your data, nearly 700 million anonymous customer profiles and 40,000 data attributes to build successful campaigns. We've got your back. We will help you figure out the best audience mixture, campaign approach and optimization strategy.


DMP Integration

Simple rule, the more quality data you can add to your data management platform, the better the results you achieve. We specialize in data activation, integrating the DMP with your on-premise and cloud-based first, second, and third-party data and we can help you leverage that data with other sales and marketing applications.


DMP Implementation Services

Hands down, the Oracle DMP is the most feature rich data management platform out there. Whether you are just starting to tackle a rich personalization strategy for your online campaigns or want to take a holistic approach that also includes offline and mobile marketing, we are here to make you successful. Our team will help you implement the DMP platform, define your data taxonomy, train your team and get your campaigns up and running fast.


SRM Best Practice Consulting

Social media is more than just sending out some tweets or putting cat videos on Facebook. It's a highly strategic marketing pursuit. Let us help guide you through the process of creating your social strategy, optimizing your content for maximum results, collecting feedback in real-time, and measuring the results.


SRM Reporting Support

Are 'likes' driving revenue? You've grown your follower list by 300%, but is that adding to the bottom line? Measure the revenue-impacting indicators and predict your social media efforts.


SRM Integration

Social media content can be used for so many different functions within your organization. You need to make sure the data goes where it needs to go. Make sure you have all your integration needs covered.


SRM Implementation Services

There are several aspects to the Oracle SRM platform - Listening, Posting, Analyzing, Workflows & Automation. You need a partner who understands the complexity of your business, and the complexity of the tool you just bought, to maximize your return on social investment.


Content Best Practice Consulting

From mapping content to persona and buyer stage to maximizing SEO strategy, our team can guide you through the content creation process. You want to work with someone who understands your business, your industry and that content creation is the heart of all your marketing efforts.


Content Reporting Support

You spend a lot of time agonizing over the words you use for your content. Shouldn't you know what's working and what isn't? Our analytics team is ready to help you slice and blend the data from all your systems in order to provide you with direction and guidance as you measure success and make decisions for the future.


Content Integration

Make sure you are able to publish your content where you want it to go. Connecting Oracle Content Marketing with your blog, your website, and Eloqua requires someone who has an intimate understanding of how to move content to where you need it to go.


Content Implementation Services

Setting up personas, creating an editorial calendar, developing permissioning and an editorial review hierarchy and using your content to drive SEO results is a big task. Let us help you create a content marketing strategy and then execute the workflows that will enure your content is being read by all your prospects.


Responsys Data Management

Responsys is a powerful system with a complex data model. This provides infinite flexibility and scalability but you need to know what you're doing to get the most out of the platform. We're experts at making sure your data is accurate, complete, and flowing between all your different systems. Let us help you turn your data into your most valuable asset.


Responsys Reporting Support

Whether you just want to know how to better leverage standard Reponsys Insight reports or build custom dashboards/reports with Insight Design our performance analytics team can help. We’ll show you how to get the most out of your Responsys reporting, provide guidance on key performance indicators for marketing stakeholders.


Responsys Best Practice Consulting

Responsys is a true enterprise solution. There's a lot you can do with it. From understanding data structure and taxonomy to writing custom code to leveraging data to know when to send what message to whom, you are going to need a seasoned guide to come alongside you. Our team of Responsys experts are here to make your journey easy.


Responsys Integration

You have a CRM, an online shopping cart system, an order management system, and 5 other places you store data on your customers…and none of them talk to each other. How are you going get all that data into Repsonsys so you can accurately target your customers with the right message? We can help. We are the experts and connecting complex databases into one area so you can use the data to get the results you need.


Eloqua Fully Managed Service

Get all of Eloqua’s benefits while we manage the platform for you. We will set up Eloqua for you “behind-the-scenes,” work with you to define your marketing automation goals and then implement programs and campaigns to acheive those goals. Even better, there are no long term contracts or commitments, just a simple monthly fee.


Eloqua Training

Have new team members that need to learn Eloqua? Trying to remember something covered during your implementation? Learn from an expert. We have a wide variety of standardized training curriculum as well as customized materials that can tailored to your team’s specific needs.


Eloqua Integration

For organizations with CRM systems or other databases, we offer a variety of integration packages. Some integrations are standard to Eloqua (SFDC and Microsoft Dynamics) while others require a custom solution. Either way, you can be confident that you’ll be provided with the best option for your requirements.


Eloqua Reporting Support

Whether you just want to know how to better leverage standard Eloqua Insight reports or build custom dashboards/reports with Insight Design our performance analytics team can help. We’ll show you how to get the most out of your Eloqua reporting and provide guidance on key performance indicators for marketing stakeholders.


Eloqua Sales Enablement

Support sales to have more relevant conversations and close deals faster with productivity tools such as: Lead Scoring, Eloqua Profiler, Eloqua Engage, Lead Notifications, Web Visit Alerts and more!


Eloqua Campaign Execution Support

Need some extra help concepting, designing or executing campaigns? Our certified consultants can be an extension to your team and support the creation and execution of your Eloqua marketing campaigns including building emails, landing pages, simple nurturing programs, and general campaign support (e.g., segments, filters, list uploads, basic reporting).


Eloqua Development Support

Sometimes you just need a little more technical help. Whether it's writing javascript to capture additional data, custom built landing pages, or responsively designed email templates our team of front-end developers has got you covered. If you can dream it, they can build it.


Responsys Fully Managed Service

These days, everyone is busy. Sometimes, you wish you had an extra set of hands to get all the work done. Well, let us handle the heavy lifting for you. We work with you to define your marketing goals and then set up all the campaigns to deliver the results. One predictable monthly fee removes all the stress of running Responsys for your organization.

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